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Τεστ σε ταλαντώσεις και L-C

Trypes Greek Rock Legends

I am sure that this name if you are not from Greece does not mean anything to you. This is the band that I really hated as a teenager but now I admire. The fact that my opinion has changed shows that they are really great because usually band that are mainly listened by teenagers as you grow older you start not to like them and additionally to consider them childish. On the contrary Trypes have really something deep in their music something beneath the surface which is revealed gradually and after a lot of effort. How can their music be described? Their early albums sound punk while their last three I would characterize them as post-rock but not in the conventional way. To be honest their earlier albums still are not my cup of tea but their last three are magnificent. The combination of the guitars is explosive the rhythm section is steady as a rock and then comes the singing of Angelakas...You would either love the guy or hate him. Their is no middle in this. Aggelakas is excellent and his lyrics full of aggressive despair that ends up in a magnificent protest not in the established way of the singers of the 60s but in a more introvert, deeper way. His lyrics are like poems of the beatniks, cynic, sensitive, aggresive and meaningful. It might me a little difficult since they sing in Greek but do not be frustrated by that because you will lose the chance of a musical experience. 
     The band has broken up and Aggelakas has taken a new musical road. He had a collaboration with Veliotis a cello player and then with Psarogiorgis a famous Cretan musician who plays lute. Still playing live and attracting both teenagers and olders audience since his music and lyrics have something to say to everyone listening to quality music. Members of the band played in some projects in which they are also exceptional while Aggelakas can  be seen in the movie of Nikolaidis "The looser takes it all" which in a way he plays himself!!!! 

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Aphrodites Child Progressive art rock of the 70s

What can you say about this incredible band that was formed by Vangellis Papathanassiou and Demmis Roussos? It is probably one of the most interesting progressive psychedelic bands I have listened to (and I do not say this because they are Greeks). The keyboards of Vangellis combined with the divine voice of Roussos create a superb and unique mix of sounds. The band split up and both Demmis and Vangellis followed solo successful careers. The difficult part about Aphrodite Child is to describe their music. It is mix of art -progressive rock with pop elements put together in a theatrical atmosphere!!!! That is the best definition I can give but when we talk about music of such quality definitions is the least we should care about. The album I am really obsessed with is 666 a concept album based on the Apocalypse. Every single moment of this album is magnificent!!!! It has a great dark atmosphere which can not be described with words. Four Horsemen is one of the best songs I have listened to and especially the way Rousos performs in  the song is for seminars of vocal accuracy and passion. Furthermore it consists of a really great guitar solo. I would also like to mention the performance of the Greek actor  Irene Pappa in the Infinite song which is thrilling as she sings  "I was, I am, I am to come" followed by the strange percussion of Vangellis. One of the darkest "songs" ever recorded.  There was big controversy about the album due to its title, the general concept and  the comment in the inside that it was created under the influence of salhep which is a drink here in Greece and many considered it as a drug!!!! Listen to them by all means we are talking about one of the most interesting (and really progressive) bands of the 70s!!! Later they both followed solo careers Vangelis writing soundtracks among others (Chariots of fire , Bladerunner).
                    End of the World (1968) 
                    Its five o clock    (1969)
                    666                     (1972)

Is greece returning to the sixties?

 As months go by in Greece; the majority of the populations starts to have serious economical problems. The main question that comes in mind after the rage and the frustration we all feel is this. Is this something inevitable or is it a "set-up" in which we fell for? Well for begiining lets take certain official facts. Unemployment=27% ; gdp=-5,5% (best scenario);  5th year of recession ; political rise of extremes right wing party almost 10% on polls; levels of stress found on Greece can be found only on countries at war (Survey of university of athens) ; 1/3 of population under the limit of poor. Lets take some non official facts that you can feel when you live here and imagine I am living in Crete one of the most touristic places in Greece which softens the impact of the crisis. Young people study with the purpose of going abroad; weddings and birth of children are minimum; depression is permanent in at least one very close to you person (wife, brother, child-friend , close relative) ; holidays in the land of holidays(Greece) for locals is more or less a joke; employers take advantage of the situation so no work- insurance is paid and you accept behaviour of the middle age as if you are a slave. Furthermore; you have homeless who were minimum and known by their names 5 years ago; trust which played a big role in small local business has become extinct and we can go on for ages with negatives.
       Let us go to the officials benefits stated from the I.M.F . We stayed in the eurozone, our deficit fell from around 15% to 4% ;our working cost went down and now we can attract international enterprises e.t.c. Lets go with unofficial benefits.............hmmmmmmmm....... hohestly I can not find any but if someone can contribute to this he is very welcomed to do so.  So was all this inevitable? In my opinion hell no. The public sector flooded in the last ten years with people that were appointed by the two major parties in greece and not only the cost was rissen but at the same time services went worse. This is due to the fact that the people were appointed in places where they were o needed and most of them having the arrogancy of a person appointed by the minister they did not WORK. At the same time there was a shortage of doctors; nurses; workers in the public domain. In addition the media almost in their entirity support the interests of their owners( a well-known fact in western societies "Having the media you own peoples lives"). All these together drew the country in the hands of the I.M.F in my opinion intentionally . Politicians with the help of certain interests did their best to lead us into destruction. It is interesting though that the private debt of Greece is relatively low that shows that we are not people that we borrow with no intention of paying back
       Is Greece returning to the 60s? Unfortunately no because in the sixties you could live poorly while now your obligations rise and the amount of money you are paid are getting less!!!! In the sixties you could go and live in the village where obligations were minimum. Nowdays, you pay tax for farms you do not articulate, renting fee to the goverment for your house,  the only free for the time being is fresh air and bicycles and i am not sure about the second remaining free. So Greece is returning to a time like 60s but with the taxes of Sweden of 2013!!!!! This can not continue and sooner or later I hope it will end . Of course. the word widely spoken here is "halara" which means relaxed and that might lead to changes in the next 20 years and not a lot sooner....Change takes time in Greece unfortunately....

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